If you know me personally you would know that I’m an avid movie goer. I decided to take a spin on the content of my blog, and try to include other topics that are of interest to me, so this will be the first of many movie reviews. I stress the point that I am not a professional movie critic and this is just my opinion, sometimes I know people want to watch a movie but who’s review can you trust? That’s where I come in (hopefully) to tell you my unedited, non sponsored view of a movie. I promise I won’t give anything away so no spoilers :-)

Okay so let’s get down to the good stuff:

Man of Steel

Rating: PG 13
Trinistargirl Star Rating:  ♥♥♥♥
Main Cast:
Henry Cavill- Superman/Clark Kent/ Kal-el
Amy Adams- Lois Lane
Kevin Costner- Jonathon Kent
Diane Lane- Martha Kent
Russel Crow- Jor-el
Laurence Fishburne- Perry White

I know what you’re thinking “another superman movie? really” and I completely understand that sentiment. We’ve had the original Superman movies, plus a recent remake not to mention the TV shows “Lois & Clark” and “Smallville”. I was a bit skeptical about this movie, because I thought it was going to just be another remake of the same old Superman story. To my (much welcomed) surprise, I was terribly mistaken.

Unlike the previous installments of Superman, Man of Steel ventured into a story line that has never been told on the big (or small) screen; Krypton’s demise. I was actually a bit shocked when the story started and lingered on life on Krypton instead of a fleeting image or flashback. It was refreshing that the story focused on answering questions that have never been addressed before, yet burned in our minds; “why did they evacuate Krypton”, “why didn’t Kal-el’s parents come with him”, “Why does he rely on the sun?”, “is everyone from Krypton like him?”. These questions will all be answered in Man of Steel, including other facts you never even thought about.
The cast was well chosen, I was a hesitant about Amy Adams being cast as Lois Lane since she seems so chipper and overly energetic in most of her films (refer to Enchanted) but she played the part well. Lois Lane always finds herself in trouble, but she isn’t a typical damsel in distress; she’s smart, witty, resourceful and independent. Amy embodied those qualities in the film and also had good on screen chemistry with Henry Cavill, which is extremely important to the success of a film in my opinion (if you doubt that importance, think back to the Star Wars remakes with Natalie Portman & Hayden Christensen).
Henry Cavill’s American accent was also believable (he’s a British actor) and he fit the bill for the character. Seeing Morpheus, I mean Lawrence Fishbourne as Perry White was a good surprise, I almost expected him to pull out a blue pill, but he didn’t. Russel Crowe proved that even though it’s been  13 years (yes you can feel old now) since Gladiator, he can still kick some serious butt and look handsome while wearing armor.
Overall the movie was a good family film minus the violence which wasn’t gory and it didn’t have any obscene language or nudity. I loved the heavy emphasis on Science Fiction (even though it’s under Action/Adventure/Fantasy genre). The only thing missing in my opinion was a bit of comedic relief which I think could have been incorporated into the movie without losing the serious tone that prevailed overall. Also, I got a bit of motion sickness  during some parts of the film where the camera was a bit “shaky”.  I watched the 2D version (I’m very anti 3D since it gives me a headache, the glasses hurt my ears and we have no clue what it does to our minds as of yet) so if you know you’re prone to feeling like that, I’d suggest that you stick to the 2D version.

So  grab your date, your kids, your bff or even go it alone (no shame in that) and catch Man of Steel while it’s in theaters. If you watched it, let me know what you think in the comments below!