Monday, 22 October 2012

Day to Night Diva

So someone has requested a Day to Night Post and I am happy to oblige. Please feel free to comment and tell me what kind of posts you'd like to see!

One of my favorite ways to glam up any outfit is by adding a Blazer; whether it's a plain black or beige blazer or even something more funky like bright colors, leather or even patterns.

During the Day you probably will be wearing a basic t-shirt and jeans, shorts or a comfy dress to the grocery store, shopping, running errands etc. Add some glam by adding a blazer and some heels/wedges! (my next post will be showing you how heels/wedges can make a big difference in the day to night transition)

Blazers come in all sizes, cuts, colors, shapes and prints!

Find blazers that suit your body type and your style!
Add a colorful blazer to a pair of skinny capri pants, sneakers & a loose tank

How about throwin a colorful blazer over your favorite pair of shorts? Adding large statement pieces like that oversized clutch is also a great way to transition day to night!

Jeans, flats & T-Shirt kind of girl? A colorful (yet subtle) colored blazer adds flair to this simple look.

Swap your black blazer from your favorite skirt and blouse pairing for a more daring color & wala!

Flowy dress? No problem, at a contrast colored blazer to add sophistication to your look.

Sequins are a huge trend for Fall 2012. Pair a simple black jeans with a sequined blazer for instant glam!

Throw on a blazer over your favorite pair of leggings..look how it glams up Kim K's look which would have otherwise looked like she just came out of the gym (with heels on)
Add a brightly colored blazer to brighten up any basic white outfit

Stripes, houndstooth, nautical, floral...any pattern can add interest to a basic black ensemble.

Add a blazer over a maxi dress or skirt!

Hope I've inspired you all to go searching for blazers galore! I think they are a staple piece in any woman's wardrobe and they never go out of style. They are so versatile you can even wear the same blazer for work, for a night out, or even church!(hopefully not all on the same day but you get the idea)

My next post will feature how wearing high heels (not stripper heels girls don't get worried) can add glam to any outfit.

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