Monday, 18 March 2013

Men in Living Color

So if you guys didn't already know, I'm married (our wedding anniversary is actually coming up in a few weeks!) and I have developed a keen interest into men's clothing. My husband graciously allows me to shop for him and believe it or not, he is now shopping without me (giving me more time to grab my own deals when we go to the malls haha)

Last night we were discussing colored shirts and how he's evolved from white, grey and blue shirts to a variety of colors (his side of the closet is actually more colorful than mine now haha). I'm a firm believer in the philosophy that you can wear whatever color you like as long as it compliments your skin tone. I think color shouldn't be limited to women's fashion and that men can also experiment with pops of color in their wardrobe.

Bright colors for men is a huge trend this year, check out the latest designs from designers such as Herm├ĘsGucci and Salvatore Ferragamo. 

Source: Vogue MX

Would you encourage your leading man to add a pop of color into his wardrobe this spring?

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