Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thanksgiving Treasures: Chambray Shirt

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I got quite a few deals and steals for thanksgiving this year. One of my favorite pieces that I purchased was a Denim shirt. I'm not sure why people call it "chambray" instead of denim but chambray sounds fancier so I'll stick to that one. I knew I wanted a soft shirt, (I noticed when I'm shopping that I tend to take into consideration the texture of the piece) and I found the perfect shirt at JCPenny for only $25USD and the shirt is super soft, softer than I even expected it to be. Similar styles available at JCPenny here and here and there are also a variety available at forever 21 like this ombre chambray shirt.

So now that I've bought the shirt, it's the matter of styling it, my shirt is a lighter denim color and so I've compiled a few looks with similar looking chambray shirts from both celebrities and my fellow bloggers to help inspire my outfits.

Chambray Shirt & Floral Skirt

 Chambray Shirt & Black Pants
Ashley Olsen

Chambray Shirt & Black Sequins
 Chambray Shirt & White Pants
Chambray Shirt & Leopard Skirt (like I need another reason to wear leopard)
Layering with a Chambray Shirt
Chambray Shirt & Red Jeans (which I happen to own now)
Denim Chambray on Denim
Reese Witherspoon (Photo Courtesy Just Jared)
So I guess it's safe to say that a Chambray Shirt is extremely versatile and also a transitional piece from winter to spring. I think it's one of those pieces I'll keep in my closet forever. Which is your favorite Chambray Look?

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