Friday, 26 October 2012

What to Wear to Work: Casual Friday

Some organizations allow a "Casual Day" usually on a Friday. My previous job allowed this perk which always worked out great because straight after work on a Friday I would usually head directly to the mall, my nearest Target and/or a quite bite & movie. So to reflect on my much missed Casual Friday outfits in collaboration with the "Day to Night" request I got, here are some Casual Friday looks for the office.
Now ladies, please do not go into your extremely corporate, "suits only" office on a Friday wearing one of these looks & then tell your boss TriniStarGirl said it was okay. These Casual Friday looks are not for everyone, so choose looks that would meet your office's dress code. I only showed pants and/or dress outfits as this is normally accepted in most offices for Casual Friday, some people can wear shorts & mini skirts but those are usually people in the Fashion Industry, in which case you wouldn't need to figure out what to wear lol
As I did in my last post, I'll be showing you looks from other bloggers since Celebrities don't usually participate in Casual Fridays like the rest of us in the real world do. All photos are courtesy of Chictopia and if you like a specific blogger's style, I listed the blog either captioned on the photo or in the description.

Ticktocktap from Philadelphia, PA sticks to her vintage theme with a soft polka dot shirt, black chinos & loafers
 This is how they do Casual Friday in France as Parisian blogger TheBlackFeather shows us below:

        How about a cute dress & blazer? Thriftnstyle from Cavite, Philippines shows us a simple go to Casual Friday look especially if you have a dinner date afterwards, you can easily toss the blazer if it's too much.

Jeans, heels, cute shell & a cardigan = no ironing involved which is always a great thing in my book especially on a friday morning! Blogger blonderedhead from San Francisco, CA rocks a perfect Casual Friday look if your office is freezing! A fairly thick cardigan will keep you warm 8-5 and then you can go straight to happy hour with or without it.

 There was a blog, which featured this girl, her everyday life and her daily outfits. For whatever reason, it has been deleted but her pictures live on in the cyber world, here are some looks from her blog that I think would be Casual Friday friendly:
Finally here are some more Casual Friday looks from one other blogger, Lily of 

Have a great weekend!

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