Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Let's Help

Cinemagraph showing Sandy's High Winds October 29th 2012

As you are all aware, Hurricane Sandy (later named SuperStorm Sandy, Hurricane "Sassy" according to Lindsay Lohan & Post Tropical Cyclone Sandy) hit the Caribbean & East Coast of the United States, making its way to Canada.

It seems rather silly to blog about shoes & clothes when so many people are in despair over the devastion that Sandy has brought. With approximately 20 billion US dollars in estimated losses, the New York Stock Market down, subways flooded, Atlantic City Boardwalk wiped out...let's take a moment to do something good. Instead of buying a new article of clothing or accessory, how about we donate? If you can't send money, your thoughts & prayers would be just as worthwhile. Those who live nearby affected areas can also volunteer to help assist with the Relief Programs

You can donate online, or simply text REDCROSS to 90999 (those in the United States).
Not living in the US? Contact your local Red Cross to find out how you can help.
I've also added the Red Cross Donation widget to the left of my Blog, all funds go directly to the Red Cross, I am simply adding it to my page to help raise funds. Your contributions will make a big difference to those affected by the storm (If you have a website or blog & you would like to add the donation widget, click on this article from Forbes for details)

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