Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Recap: 2013 Golden Globes

Golden Globe Awards 2013, TriniStarGirl Picks

Left to Right: Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Claire Danes

Least Favorite Dresses:

#1 Jennifer Lopez

Sigh, I really like Jennifer Lopez as a fellow curvy gal and also because I think she has an amazing body for her age. However, I feel like I've seen this on her before, she wore a black Zuhair Murad dress for the 2011 American Music Awards

And yet another similar Zuhair Murad dress at the 84th Academy Awards and again and again...

Jennifer Lopez Clothes

I'm all up for sticking to designers whose clothing fit well or match your personality. However I would have really loved to see her in some color and some other silhoutte.

 #2 Eva Longoria

There are many reasons why I dislike this dress. For one, Angelina Jolie pulled the left leg exposed look last year, I think the high leg slit coupled with the low neckline and sheer black lace is trashy. I also think this dress may have worked on someone a bit taller.
#3 Rosario Dawson

I really hate this color on Rosario, I wish she would have chosen a richer color that would've accented her beautiful skin better and also, I would've liked to see her hair pinned up to show off the beauty of the neckline.

#4 Halle Berry

I don't even know where to begin, but the different prints, plus the leg slit plus the fact that she's looked better pretty much sums it up.

Best Dressed Women:

#1 Kate Hudson

Amazing, that's the word I would use to describe Kate in this Alexander McQueen dress. Right on trend with the black and gold, but the silhouette helped shape Kate's tomboyish figure and the deep V neckline wasn't trashy as Kate is very petite on top.

#2 Jessica Alba

This girl can dress. From her everyday looks to her soiree gowns, Jessica Alba knows how to dress her body and this coral gown is no exception. Perfect hair and makeup.

#3 Sofia Vergara

Sofia is so sexy and this beautiful sequined gown really accentuates her curves. She reminds me of a younger Catherine Zeta Jones in this number.

#4 Salma Hayek

This sparkly black gown fits Salma like a glove! I love that the neckline is tasteful and doesn't quite show her clevage and the turquoise earrings are my favorite accessory for the night.

Riskiest Choice: Lucy Lui

Best Dressed Men:

#1 Bradley Cooper..such a cutie

#2 Ben Affleck in a navy 3 piece Gucci Tuxedo. He was dressed like a winner.

Ben Affleck Navy Suit Gucci 2013 Golden Globe Awards 6 Fabulously Spotted: Ben Affleck Wearing Gucci   2013 Golden Globe Awards

#3 Leonardo Dicaprio

Best Dressed Couples:

#1 Daniel Craig & Rachel Weiz

 #2 Anne Hathaway and her hubby Andrew (aren't they just the cutest?)

#3 Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

Did any of your top looks make my list?

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