Thursday, 18 October 2012

In Love with Leather

So my latest obsession is Leather...and yes despite the heat that is ever so present in the Caribbean...I would like to rock at least ONE leather look. There are so many options right now as Leather is a major trend for Fall 2012: leather mini skirt, leather a-line skirts, camel leather, leather jackets and the list goes on and on. Check out the leather looks from Hollywood's trendiest for some leather inspiration!
Leather on Leather
This lovely lady is rocking leather bottoms & a leather jacket...lovely pairing in my opinion!

Celebs in Leather Shorts
Eva Longoria & Lauren Conrad add a touch of camel to their leather ensemble. Not loving camel leather? Keep it simple like the black leather shorts, white plain t-shirt and red pumps look below.

Celebs in Leather Jackets
Yes, that jacket on the left has leather sleeves, weird I know but it's in none the less. Are you that daring? Or would you keep it simple like Gabrielle Union by pairing a camel leather jacket with a white crochet dress? You can go even simpler like Cameron Diaz and pair a black leather jacket with an all white ensemble....cute movie date look.

Leather Shorts
High waisted, with a cardigan, with a name it, they're wearing it

What would a leather post be without mentioning the Celeb who seems to be in at least one leather piece in every outfit for the past few months. Of course I'm referring to the lovely Kim Kardashian wearing leather in oh so many ways..

Leather Leggings + Neutral Blazer

Leather Mini with a Pop of Color Moto Jacket

Leather pants with black blazer

Long Leather skirt with a sheer black blouse

Leather mini with olive green & whatever that sunglassses looking thing on her face is??
Pleated Leather Skirt with an oversized jacket

Pepulum & Leather? Yup plus some Loubitons of course

Leather leggings with a floral blazer
How do you feel about the leather trend? Which look would you most likely wear?
Where can you buy these leather pieces you ask? Check out the pieces from Forever 21 below:
Essential Faux Leather Shorts $15.80
Moto Jacket Beige & Black $34.80
Faux Leather Moto Jacket $24.50
Faux Leather Trimmed Sheath Dress $29.80
Studded Denim & Faux Leather Jacket $32.80
Faux Leather trimmed Jacket $37.80
Essential Faux Leather Pencil Skirt $17.80

Many more faux leather pieces available check for more options.
Also, many faux leather items available in F21's new Plus Size Collection online.


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